Valerio Berruti, drawing & Animation video // Phil St George, music - ©2021

With the initiative « L’abbraccio più forte » (The strongest hug), launched in March 2020, Valerio Berruti decided to donate one of his drawings to anyone who made a donation of at least €300 to the Fondazione Nuovo Ospedale Alba-Bra Onlus in response to the Covid-19 emergency.

To focus attention on music, a neglected sector in these difficult times, Valerio invites musicians from all over the world to share an original song to complement the video animation of « L’abbraccio più forte », idealistically extending its embrace to the world of performing arts and musical composition.


“L’abbraccio più forte”, Valerio Berruti’s video animation and its more than 100 original soundtracks, including one by Phil St George, compiled under the hashtag #hugs4music, lands at São Paulo’s MAC Museum of Contemporary Art. « The exhibition « Além de 2020, Arte italiana na pandemia » from 29 May to 22 August 2021.


Edith Delattre - Visual artist, Direction & Camera // Phil St George, music - ©2021

Edith Delattre’s exploration of space from this mathematical poetry and with respect for the triad of form: three performers, three forms, three colours, as well as geometry, photography and fantasy, the triad necessary for the creation of this animation. Phil St George created the music on the images. The musical piece is called Bauhaus 74 because it is built on a 7/4 measure. Inspired by Steve Reich’s minimalism, a simple melodic motif is repeated, superposed, shifted and creates by its multiplication an atypical and danceable ballet music.

Music: BAUHAUS 74


Nicolas Simon, Direction & Camera // Phil St George, music - ©2020

Paul Pirritano


Roberto Di Mola, Director // Phil St George, music - ©2020

Collecting images and never forget them again. Living memories to continue telling them.
It’s a found-footage clip based on three different movies: I recklessly ventured into these archives to create an « other » film, a story about memory nostalgia and melancholy for something I never experienced but which somehow belongs to me and to all of us.
Portraits of family, images of everyday, an old house, children playing, holidays by the sea, but also travel, planes, cities and wild seabirds..

Roberto Di Mola

I liked the idea of fuzzy memories that refer to a collective memory engraved on a support (tape, vinyl, polaroïd, etc…). Nostalgia and melancholy. That’s what I tried to express.

Phil St. George


NumeroB , Director, motion designer // Phil St George, music - ©2019

Music: Canope / LUX MEA LEX


Text: Pierre Vauconsant // Graphic Design: Edith Delattre // Music & Video: Phil St George - ©2018

Edith Delattre’s illustrations slide between words, lines and pages of Pierre Vauconsant. The text of Pierre Vauconsant insinuates itself, gets confused, finds its way into Edith Delattre’s Pyranesian world.


Phil St George Video // Phil St George, music - ©2013

Dancing In The Dark is a video clip inspired by « La Nuit Blanche ».

Phil St George produced the music and the video. Thanks to the artists Cédric Verdure, Timothé Thoury, Cécilia Traslavina, Jaime Cifuentes and Alejandro Forero for their amazing masterpieces.


Music, Direction & Camera // Phil St George, music - ©2011

Really nass is music with a distorted and stressful rhythm. Phil St george fights against the stress of the Parisian capital. The flow of steps in the city, the third dimension of music and image. The distortion of reality.