Electronic music composer and producer,  Phil St George draws his inspiration from contemporary art and architecture. He structures his compositions with the rigor of the architect, builds his beats with the precision of the sculptor, chooses his sounds with the sensitivity of the painter.

After studying musicology, mathematics and computer science, he starts his career as a jazz guitarist and singer. Then he turns to electronic music, multiplying collaborations with musicians of different styles visual artists and more recently theatre directors.

He is the resident DJ of the Parisian art collective Kulturscio’k. During these recurrent evenings of #concertclandestin organised by the director and actress Alessia Siniscalchi, he integrates and mixes his creations with his musical culture according to the themes addressed by the performing artists. A multidisciplinary artistic invitation in this factory that offers the producer new collaborations each time richer. At each event the dance floor turns into a different style. His influences from Detroit, Berlin and the inevitable French touch make each of his live sets or DJ sets a success.

This collaborative initiative gave birth to the KulturFactory Music label in 2022.

phil st george music
© imma di Lillo
Phil St George-SoundDesign
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